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Gum Nut

Embedded into the top of a Jarrah Slab top on a wine rack.

Note the richness and depth of the colour!

You need to look at this up closely due to the small size of the pic - but it is worth it!


Support Local Small Business ~ Save A Species Today... . ME!

Arriving in Fremantle at the tail end of the Americas Cup circus, after nesting in Tasmania for a year following five years of roaming the world.

Furniture making just seemed to happen..

I quickly developed a style that was immediately popular - both for the high quality build, and the terrific value of the product.

Now, 17 years later, not much has changed - the style has been added to as general tastes changed, and my skills grew - the quality build still commands respect - and the value for price is still a delight to my clients.

Another change has been the addition of
SwanRiver Furniture.

Now though, this is my main Web presence

Through this I do most of the high demand Jarrah and Old Warehouse range of furniture from the re-milled, re-claimed, re-used, and re-cycled timbers.

It adds grace to an already distinct product.

The other, and most important, change has been the move to Nannup in 2002 and the creation of The Nannup Furniture Gallery.

Still incorporating the same ethos of those early days - with our small show room and workshop combined in one old character rich premises that has had many used in its long 80 year life - The Nannup Furniture Gallery has become recognised as one of the most affordable and unique gallery / workshops in the industry.

Placed squarely in the centre of the Southwest of WA - surrounded by the Jarrah, Marri and Karri forests native to this region, along with burgeoning Wine and Tourism industries, The Nannup Furniture Gallery and Swanriver Furniture are set to continue providing a service of quality and value unmatched in a highly competitive Furniture Crafting industry.

Welcome to The Nannup Furniture Gallery - thank you for your interest in our work, and we hope that we may be able to be of some service to you.



This is the 'Raw Material'.
Without it the furniture maker cant... well... make.

This raw material is sourced from many places - and it is important to establish good relationships with a wide range of suppliers and sources.

These suppliers range from Demolition and Salvage operators, such as Direct Demolitions in Busselton, to bulk milled timber suppliers like NTP ( Nannup Timber Processors) - and even to the farmer who has an old shed to go, or an old front fence from a suburban home.

All are valid - and all are used carefully and wisely to create a range of furniture products for you that are built and designed to re-live for more generations.

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