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A good Example of THE OLD WAREHOUSE Range is this Wine rack.

Designed to fit in a corner, or that small space - created from old roofing beams- flooring, and reinforcing mesh...

With Marri ( Red Gum) cross pieces - an ideal piece to hold that few bottles for the mean time.

The Old Warehouse Range

The Old Warehouse is range of furniture pieces that have been crafted from the re-use of old, or re-claimed, timbers

These pieces are strong and solid, like the old structures they come from.

An old Shearing Shed somewhere in the Outback, or the old Woolstore in the city. That old Wharf, or Bridge.

Perhaps the grand old turn of the century home that has served its time.

Evocative of a past time.

Imbued with a rich history of lives.

As the depth and character of these old timbers now remade, tell us something that we may like to remember.

Recycled and Reclaimed Timber

Often this is something of a misnomer - the difference being that 'aged' or 'distressed' timber is not necessarily old or reclaimed.

This is fine - often it looks good and has the right appeal. The difference to me is that I inform my clients of the difference.

Recycling timber - especially Jarrah - is hard and dirty work. It can take nearly two days just to clean and dress the material for a single item - without taking away that special 'character ' that we so love in this type of style.

There is nothing wrong with 'aged/distressed' timber - I do it myself on request - it is the honesty of the work that it comes down to.....

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